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You and your spouse will need to obtain your marriage license from the Clerk of the Court in the county or city one of you resides in.



The courts accept cash or check only, no debit or credit cards.



Licenses range from $30 to $40 average - I would have extra on hand or call ahead.



Licenses are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase.



The Commonwealth of Virginia no longer requires a blood test.





What you will need to take with you to the courthouse:



  •    Each of you will need valid identification (photo ID)


  •    Copies of your birth certificates and you both must be present.


  •    Full names of both sets of parents, including mothers' maiden names, which are usually on      your birth certificates.



Once you have received your license, there is no waiting period and no witnesses are required to be present. If it's a quick and very private ceremony you want, NO PROBLEM! No one else need be present.






The legal licenses must be signed by the officiant and mailed to the courthouse by the Officiant within 5 days of the ceremony. 




The ceremonial certificate that is hand written by the Officiant is not a legal document!


You will receive two copies of your marriage license, which I will complete, sign and return to the issuing Circuit Court via Certified Mail within 5 days of the ceremony. Be sure your names are spelled correctly, as this is a legal document!



Getting Your Marriage License

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