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Couples Astrological Consultations

What's your horoscope got to do with the two of you getting married?


I'll bet you know your own Sun Sign and your mate's Sun Sign, right? 

That's great!






Do you know what signs your Moons are in?

Our Moon shows how we feel, how we process feelings and how we experience emotions. 

A Moon in a Fire Sign is going to feel and respond very differently than a Moon in an Earth Sign!



What about Mercury?                 No, not that one!   







This guy!

                                     Do you know what sign your Mercurys are in? Mercury tells how you each think                                         and communicate. Your Mercury is probably in a different sign than your       

                                     Significant Other (SO). Do the two work together or do they present challenges? 

                                     For example, your temper may flare and then it's over. But your SO takes much 

                                     longer and broods about it for a while. Neither is better than the other; one is

not right and the other wrong. They're just different. We are unique in our own right. Understanding these differences gives each of you the opportunity to allow each other to BE WHO YOU ARE and

not take everything personally!                          

There are NO BAD SIGNS!!

There are NO SUN SIGNS that should never get married!!!!

That's NOT what this is about.

A consultation can explain a lot about yourselves and how you relate to one another. Yes, you've been together for a while and things are obviously pretty wonderful or you wouldn't be getting married!


When you get married your relationship changes, often in unexpected ways. The astrological explanation is that you are taking your relationship from the romance phase (5th house) to a partnership, a joint venture (7th house). Very different! Many people don't realize how this can affect a relationship and they are sometimes surprised at the changes making-it-legal can make.

A Couples Consultation compares your two horoscopes and can help you understand your partner's basic needs. It simply helps the two of you to understand each other a little better - like why he needs to process information before he gives you an answer or why she just can't seem to let the argument go! -  and this understanding provides room for compromise instead of clash. 

Did you know that even the marriage itself has its own horoscope? It has a birthday, but we call it our anniversary! You get married on a certain date, at a certain time, in a certain place, right?

The marriage horoscope speaks volumes about the new relationship the two of you have created together!


When the three horoscopes (your two + the Marriage Horoscope) are compared with each other during a Marriage Horoscope Consultation, you will begin to see the different perspectives each of you has about the marriage itself. It is truly fascinating!

Astrology does not dictate or tell you how to live your life. What it does do is present you with a map and that map can help you navigate some tricky bumps in this road of life. Remember though, the map is not the territory, but it's really handy to have one on your journey!

You can get a reading at any time - before you get married or after you've been married whether or not I officiate your ceremony!

Couples Consultation  $125.00

Marriage Chart Consultation $150.00

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